About Us

Bree’s Herbal Teas are a range of hand blended herbal teas and traditionally made herbal cordials.

All our teas and cordials are blended by a fully qualified medical herbalist.

Herbal medicine can have an impact on the environment due to over cultivation of wild plants and trees, which has left some species close to extinction or extinct.

Due to this factor all herbs used in our herbal teas and herbal cordials are sourced from suppliers who specialise in supplying practitioners and who obtain their products from fair trade, ethical, sustainable sources. Where possible we will use organic herbs.

We use tin packaging lined with paper bags to pack our herbal teas which use ethically sourced, safe, clean and non-toxic materials, which can be recycled numerous times without loss of quality or reused.

For our herbal cordials we use glass bottles which are an ethical material and can be reused or recycled. For our postage & packaging material we use 100% recyclable material.